Recent Work

In the last two years Greyhawk has acted in contentious and non-contentious matters in over 70 jurisdictions. Some examples of this work are set out here.

Transactions | Market Entry
Investment in new African market

Our client, a US telecoms company, was considering a strategic investment in an African country of which it had no prior experience and little knowledge. The company wanted to understand the host country’s commercial and political environment, particularly the individuals and institutions that would impact its investment. Read more >

Transactions | Due Diligence
Financing of highly-leveraged global steel group

Our client was considering financing a group of companies with worldwide steel assets worth over $20bn. There were rumours in the market that the company was over-leveraged and may be struggling financially. Greyhawk was instructed to investigate the credibility of these rumours and to identify other risks regarding the company’s debt position, market reputation and probity. Read more >

Transactions | Special Situations
Asian distressed debt investment

Our client, a distressed debt investor, was considering acquiring the bonds of a European company with a view to playing an active role in any future restructuring of the debt. The success of the trade would depend, to a large degree, on the conduct and negotiating strategy of the issuer’s largest shareholder, a Chinese investment firm. Read more >

Investigations | Whistleblower Claims
Contract and revenue diversion in Russian subsidiary

A European technology manufacturer suspected its Russian sales office of contract and revenue diversion. A whistleblower was claiming that certain employees were manufacturing and selling counterfeit equipment. These products were produced to a poor quality in unlicenced factories but had been labelled with our client’s branding. Read more >

Investigations | Bribery & Corruption
African sovereign bond issue

Our client, an investment bank, was sponsoring a US$1.2bn sovereign bond issue by Angola. Following allegations of corruption in relation to previous issues by sub-Saharan African countries, our client needed to understand the corruption risk. The focus was on how the proceeds of the issue might be diverted from their intended purpose into the hands of ministers and officials. Read more >

Investigations | Fraud
Fraud investigation in $500m private debt transaction

Greyhawk was instructed by the general counsel of an electric vehicle manufacturer to investigate a suspected fraud. The client had been approached by the directors of an Abu Dhabi-based investment fund run by a member of the ruling family. The fund was offering to lend our client $500m. Read more >

Disputes | Asset Identification
Civil fraud claim against former directors of failed bank

Greyhawk was instructed by a state-owned asset resolution agency pursuing a $2bn civil fraud claim against the former directors of a failed bank. It had obtained judgment in another jurisdiction and was now seeking to enforce it in England. Our role was to support an application for a worldwide freezing order and related injunctions against the main defendant. Read more >

Disputes | Contentious Insolvency
Civil fraud claim against directors of African energy company

The administrator of an African energy company was considering bringing a civil fraud claim for over $400m against the former directors. Over two years, Greyhawk’s investigation provided critical evidence and intelligence that was not available to the administrator through the company. Read more >