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Greyhawk provides intelligence to enable transactions in unfamiliar markets and with new business partners. We investigate unusual threats or suspected corporate wrongdoing. We offer support to in-house and external counsel during complex and high-value disputes.

Greyhawk combines the professionalism of a big firm with the flexibility, discretion and independence of a boutique.

We provide intelligence and research to help investors assess opportunities and identify threats. We assess country specific risks for clients entering high-risk or complex markets. We conduct integrity due diligence on companies and their management teams. We are a deal-focussed firm offering senior support to M&A and corporate development teams.

42 Greyhawk has conducted due diligence prior to 42 IPOs and bond issues on European exchanges in the last three years.
75 We have supported transactions in 75 countries since 2012.
23 We have worked with multilateral institutions to support development finance in 23 countries.

We support clients entering new markets by providing independent analysis of non-financial factors which impact investment success. Our services in complex and unpredictable markets include: assessing political and regulatory environments; identifying and profiling key stakeholders, gatekeepers and competitors; analysing the experiences of other international investors; and identifying security risks. We work from the ground up, providing realistic and actionable information to enhance market entry strategy.

We perform due diligence on the background, commercial track record, market reputation and integrity of prospective acquisition targets, JV partners, clients and other counterparties. Our intelligence strengthens negotiations, informs valuations and protects corporate reputations. We work for multinational corporations, private equity firms, fund managers and investment banks conducting KYC on potential clients.

We support internal investigations into fraud, corruption and unusual threats. We deploy a range of investigative tools and techniques to solve our clients’ problems. We can work alone, or in partnership with external and in-house forensic and legal teams. We are discreet, independent and transparent about our methods.

18 Greyhawk has conducted confidential fraud and misconduct investigations in 18 African markets since 2012.
94 We have instant access to company data in 94 countries.
400+ We work with a proven network of over 400+ contributors worldwide.

We provide a rapid and discreet response to clients dealing with fraud, conflict of interest and corruption allegations, especially in countries where head office has limited oversight. We gather facts about companies and individuals from “outside the enterprise” to support legal, compliance and internal audit teams.

We assess the extent and patterns of corruption in target sectors for clients entering new markets. Our integrity due diligence investigations assess the political connections, local reputation and perceived probity of prospective business partners.

We quickly and discreetly gather facts on the ground when allegations or suspicions of corruption are raised.

We provide analysis on the levels and patterns of financial crime in new markets. We gather evidence to support recoveries for victims of “CEO fraud”, fake supplier fraud and other scams. When whistle-blowers report suspicions of fraud and conflicts of interest, we gather facts on the ground to reveal identities and establish connections between individuals and companies.

Greyhawk gathers intelligence and evidence during complex, high value and cross-border disputes. Our litigation work covers established, developing and offshore jurisdictions. We combine different investigation techniques as required by each case. These include interviewing, social media and open source forensics, analysis of public records, and surveillance. We provide support to litigators, arbitrators, asset recovery lawyers and insolvency practioners.

32 Since 2019, we have supported lawyers during 32 cross-border commercial disputes.
$500m Greyhawk has identified over $500m of recoverable assets in the last two years.
9 Greyhawk has supported nine countries' law offices and anti-corruption agencies to recover misappropriated state funds.
3 We have supported enforcement of ICSID awards against three sovereign states.

We provide admissible evidence to build cases and intelligence to inform strategy. We identify witnesses, gather facts, locate assets and demonstrate beneficial ownership. We have acted both for and against sovereigns in investor-state disputes. We are trusted by funders and lawyers to be transparent about our methods and realistic about likely outcomes.

In the last two years, Greyhawk has identified over $500m of recoverable assets on behalf of judgment creditors. We are experienced in unpicking complex offshore ownership structures and compiling strong circumstantial evidence of beneficial ownership. We combine traditional investigation methods with new technologies to find hidden connections and critical evidence buried in open sources. We identify sovereign assets to enable monetisation of arbitral awards.

Greyhawk supports insolvency practitioners in high value and contentious situations. We support investigations of suspected management misconduct and support recovery of misappropriated assets. We investigate the background of unknown creditors to help IPs assess their credibility.

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