Our Experience

In the last two years Greyhawk has acted in contentious and non-contentious matters in over 70 jurisdictions. Examples of Greyhawk’s work can be found here.

Transactions | Market Entry
Africa political risk

A US telecoms company planned a strategic investment in an unfamiliar African market. Political processes were opaque, and a variety of institutional and commercial stakeholders had influence in the sector. The company’s board wished to make a critical decision in two weeks’ time. Read more >

Transactions | Due Diligence
Probing a global steel maker

Our client was invited to join a syndicate providing finance to a fast-growing steel manufacturer claiming production assets worth $20bn across several regions. Some national governments had already extended financial support. But rumours about the group had begun to emerge. Read more >

Transactions | Special Situations
Distressed debt intelligence

Bonds issued by a European company were trading at distressed levels and presented an attractive opportunity in the event of a debt-for-equity restructuring. But the investment was contingent on the actions of the company’s shareholder – a Chinese investment firm. Read more >

Investigations | Whistleblower Claims
Revenue diversion in Russia

A European technology manufacturer suspected its Russian sales office of contract and revenue diversion. A whistleblower claimed that unidentified managers were supplying counterfeit equipment to the European group’s biggest Russian customer, a state-owned company. Read more >

Investigations | Bribery & Corruption
Suspect tenders

A multinational was concerned that procurement processes at its North African subsidiary had been corrupted. There were claims that firms with family connections to the country manager were favoured; further, it was alleged that one supplier had been chosen because its owner was related to a minister with responsibility for the client’s sector. Read more >

Investigations | Fraud
Royal-backed advance fee fraud

Greyhawk was instructed by the general counsel of an electric vehicle manufacturer to investigate a suspected fraud. The client had been approached by the directors of an Abu Dhabi-based investment fund. Its chair claimed to be a member of the ruling family. Read more >

Disputes | Asset Identification
Asset tracing to support loan recovery

Greyhawk was tasked by a bank to support its enforcement of a personal guarantee for a non-performing corporate loan. The guarantor had made incomplete and inaccurate statements about his assets, effectively creating a “blank sheet” with few leads to follow. Read more >

Disputes | Contentious Insolvency
Claim against directors of failed business

The administrators of a failed African energy company wished to bring a $400m fraud claim against its former directors. Over two years, Greyhawk’s investigation provided critical evidence and intelligence not available to the administrators through their special powers. Read more >