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Revenue diversion in Russia


A European technology manufacturer suspected its Russian sales office of contract and revenue diversion. A whistleblower claimed that unidentified managers were supplying counterfeit equipment to the European group’s biggest Russian customer, a state-owned company. It could not be ruled out that corrupt individuals working for this customer were involved. A forensic investigation was not possible – neither the local office nor the customer could be alerted. Our client required a rapid and confidential investigation that would evaluate the whistleblower claims and indicate which of its managers were involved.


Greyhawk interviewed the whistleblower in a secure location. Based on the information provided, we began an in-depth investigation. We uncovered the identity of the scheme’s architect after discovering a company established by his wife. Confidential enquiries and surveillance revealed that three suspects were leading lifestyles, which would be unaffordable on their salaries. One had recently acquired a holiday villa in Europe. We identified additional companies in Russia and Cyprus connected to the counterfeit and sales operations.


We demonstrated that the whistleblower’s claims were broadly accurate. We identified the counterfeit scheme’s participants and located their manufacturing operation. We confirmed that they had colluded with employees of a key customer. To help the client navigate this sensitive situation, we identified uncompromised managers at the customer who could be trusted to work towards a resolution. Having obtained detailed information with minimal disruption to its operations, the client drew up a remediation plan to restore its business.