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Africa political risk


A US telecoms company planned a strategic investment in an unfamiliar African market. Political processes were opaque, and a variety of institutional and commercial stakeholders had influence in the sector. The company’s board wished to make a critical decision in two weeks’ time. Greyhawk was tasked to answer a series of tough questions about the political, security and commercial risks that the company might face.


A Greyhawk team deployed to the country where they held meetings with government officials, including at the telecoms regulator. The team interviewed the expatriate managers of several international companies, security experts, diplomats, and local lawyers. We gathered extensive insight into the investment conditions that our client would face and the individuals who would be important “stakeholders”. Officials keen to promote investment shared draft policy documents setting out government plans for telecoms regulation and taxation of foreign companies. The field team was supported by analysts in London who reviewed a range of media, NGO, and academic reports.


Without disclosing the identity of our client, we created an in-depth profile of the government’s policy objectives, intentions for the telecoms sector and the wider political context. We mapped the growing role of the security services with respect to foreign investors and the telecoms sector. At the appropriate time and as a result of the relationships established, Greyhawk arranged introductions to key government figures, including the Minister of Communications.

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