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Asset tracing to support loan recovery


Greyhawk was tasked by a bank to support its enforcement of a personal guarantee for a non-performing corporate loan. The guarantor had made incomplete and inaccurate statements about his assets, effectively creating a “blank sheet” with few leads for Greyhawk to follow.


Greyhawk’s investigation spanned multiple jurisdictions, including England, Egypt, the UAE, Mauritius and two Caribbean offshore centres. We used social media forensic tools followed by on the ground enquiries in Egypt to locate a yacht in a harbour on the Red Sea. We mapped the restructuring of the borrower group by analysing the filings of over 20 companies. We located property in four countries worth over $20m. For two super-prime properties owned through offshore SPVs, we demonstrated that the guarantor was the ultimate beneficial owner.


We strengthened the bank’s negotiating position. It was now able to assess the accuracy of the guarantor’s representations and challenge him over undeclared assets. Our documented findings could readily be converted into evidence, supporting any enforcement action it chose to take.