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Civil fraud claim against directors of African energy company

The Challenge

The administrator of an African energy company was considering bringing a civil fraud claim for over $400m against the former directors. Over two years, Greyhawk’s investigation provided critical evidence and intelligence that was not available to the administrator through the company.

The Solution

A significant part of our work involved locating high-value assets which the directors had not disclosed. We also gathered intelligence on other parties to inform the administrator’s decision making on the viability of claims against other parties. We gathered public and non-public material from multiple jurisdictions including the BVI, the US, the UK and Nigeria. Much of this was able to be used as evidence in court. We employed a combination of advanced social media analysis, on-the-ground enquiries, Freedom of Information Requests and investigative research of public data.

The Result

We identified over $50m of property and other personal assets belonging to the main defendants. We provided information on assets purchased in the names of children and other related parties. We identified evidence of multiple undisclosed banking relationships.