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Investment in new African market


Our client, a US telecoms company, was considering a strategic investment in an African country of which it had no prior experience and little knowledge. The company wanted to understand the host country’s commercial and political environment, particularly the individuals and institutions that would impact its investment. It also wanted to anticipate potential threats to a successful market entry.


A Greyhawk team deployed to the country where they held meetings with government officials including senior figures at the telecoms regulator. The team also interviewed the expatriate managers of several international companies, security experts, diplomats and local lawyers. We gathered extensive insight into the investment conditions that our client would face and the individuals who would be important “stakeholders”. We were provided with “non-public” documents setting out the government’s proposals in relation to telecoms regulation and taxation of foreign companies. A separate team analysed government documents, financial statements and academic studies.


Without disclosing the identity of our client, we created an in-depth profile of the government’s policy objectives, intentions for the telecoms sector and the wider political context. We mapped the growing role of the security services with respect to foreign investors and the telecoms sector in particular. Through contacts established during our work, Greyhawk arranged introductions to key government figures, including the Minister of Communications.

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