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Greyhawk provides intelligence to support investors in a wide range of special situations. We provide analysis of commercial, regulatory and political contexts to inform accurate asset valuations.




Greyhawk has conducted due diligence prior to over 100 IPOs and bond issues on European and US exchanges in the last five years

Our commercial intelligence for special situations investors includes:

  • Non-Performing Loans. We conduct due diligence of borrowers and guarantors to support the valuation and acquisition of non-performing loans. We have worked for NPL investors in the German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Austrian and Greek markets. We diligence both single credit opportunities and NPL portfolios.
  • Distressed Debt. We provide intelligence and insight to support distressed debt investors. We assess likely regulatory or government action in developing markets where decision-making is opaque or unpredictable. We analyse the track record and likely intentions of key stakeholders during restructuring and insolvencies.
  • Equities. We draw on decades of experience investigating financial fraud and scams to inform the research and analysis of investment targets. We can put boots on the ground in remote locations to make “factory gate” enquiries and verify levels of commercial activity. We access alternative information sources when a company’s financial statements are doubted.

Our conflict-free insights enable investors to unlock value and assess opportunities.

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