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Greyhawk supports clients entering new markets by providing ground level intelligence and analysis of risks and opportunities.

Our work informs investment decisions in both mature and emerging markets. Our insight accelerates market entry and provides advance warning of potential obstacles.


Greyhawk has conducted due diligence prior to over 100 IPOs and bond issues on European and US exchanges in the last five years

Our country risk analysis is bespoke to each client and their proposed investment. Our services include:

  • Political Risk Analysis. We assess the stability of fragile markets and the consequences for investors of a change in government. We evaluate a host administration’s likely reaction to a given investment or takeover. We scan for future regulatory changes that may impact return on investment.
  • Stakeholder Mapping. We identify and profile key individuals and institutions that will impact the success of our client’s investment. These include ministers, regulators, other government departments, trade unions, and local powerbrokers. We measure their relative influence. We understand their agenda, enabling clients to optimise their messages and generate maximum stakeholder support.
  • Competitor Analysis. We help our clients to learn from the successes and failures of other foreign investors. We identify local competitors and gather commercial intelligence on their financial stability, market share and political influence.
  • Financial Crime Risks. On behalf of corporate legal, risk and compliance teams, we provide evidence-based insight on a new market’s financial crime risks. We combine quantitative data with first-hand reporting to assess the patterns and extent of fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption.
  • Local Partner Selection. We produce short-lists of potential partners according to client criteria. Our Enhanced Due Diligence investigations gather intelligence on the background, business track record, market reputation and probity of prospective partners.

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