Market Entry Due Diligence Special Situations

We provide intelligence and research to help investors assess opportunities and identify threats. We assess country specific risks for clients entering high-risk or complex markets. We conduct integrity due diligence on companies and their management teams. We are a deal-focussed firm offering senior support to M&A and corporate development teams.


Greyhawk has conducted due diligence prior to 65 IPOs and bond issues on European exchanges in the last three years

Market Entry

We support clients entering new markets by providing independent analysis of non-financial factors which impact investment success. Our services include: assessing political and regulatory environments; identifying and profiling key stakeholders, gatekeepers and competitors; analysing the experiences of other international investors; and identifying security risks. We provide realistic and actionable information to enhance market entry strategy.

Due Diligence

We perform due diligence on the background, commercial track record, market reputation and integrity of prospective acquisition targets, JV partners, clients and other counterparties. Our intelligence strengthens negotiations, informs valuations and protects corporate reputations. We work for multinational corporations, private equity firms and investment banks. Our work supports compliance with anti-money laundering and financial crime regulations.

Special Situations

Greyhawk provides in-depth due diligence and investigative services to special situations teams. We act for buyers of distressed debt portfolios and advise on other investment opportunities involving restructuring, litigation or insolvency.

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